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GRP 105- Very special guest on with me for this week’s podcast. Retired Special Operations Sergeant Major Chris Dutch Moyer came on. SGM Moyer served in the U.S. Army for 31 years. He first served as a Tanker, an Infantrymen, and an Army Ranger, before going deeper into the Joint Special Operations Command. We talked about the mindset required to remain at the top of your game for so long. We talked about coming back from injuries as he’s gotten badly injured while training for combat. 
The special operations forces are constantly training, deploying, and fighting. We talked about how the forces to some degree have burned out and how the military is getting better at mitigating the burnout. We talked about the “golden age of special operations” which refers to the last 16 plus years of war where the operators have lead the fight against America’s enemies. We discussed Africa, transnational terrorism, and the geopolitical threat posed by China. SGM Moyer shared some of the school’s and specialties he’s had while in such as being a dog handler. We were able to discuss some of the benefits of having dogs running with operators in combat. Lastly, we discussed his consulting company called DCM Consulting USA. They are working on getting
a website back up but for now, you can contact him via his Instagram page which is listed below. Enjoy. 


2:23-Introduction to Sergeant Major Moyer

9:53-The golden age of special operations

15:35-Transnational Terrorism. The burning out of special operations forces. 

31:09-The tip of the spear

53:42-Special Operations working dogs 

Sergeant Major Chris Dutch Moyer:

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