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GRP 104- This episode is co-hosted by the creator of The Veterans Project U.S. Army Veteran Tim Kolczak. Our guest for today is British Army combat veteran Geraint Jones. Gez served multiple tours of duty in Afghanistan and Iraq. We took a dive into what it was like serving during the height of the Iraq war in Basra where the British military was primarily operating. Basra at the time was like the wild west and Gez shares stories of his time patrolling into some of these areas as well as the complexity of dealing with very tight rules of engagement as a British warfighter.


He shares some hilarious and tragic stories of life in Basra. We touched on several topics to include tourniquet use, politics in war, dealing with extreme heat while conducting operations, and searching for roadside bombs. This is a good one.




11:48-British Army Infantry


24:28-Basra, Iraq


43:07-Rules of engagement


54:30-Operating in Iraqi heat


1:00:38- “Orders Are Orders” checking for roadside bombs in Iraq  


1:13:50-Tourniquet use


1:20:42-Don’t mix politics and war


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