Below is an excerpt from the episode. From Mike Glover the show’s co-host, and Kevin T who is a 20 year Special Forces veteran:


So me and Kev were Snipers on the same detachment. That was Iraq 08, we were in the CIF at the time. Kevin was in a helicopter crash. We were on the same team, you guys were doing an op. I was on the HLZ, and seeing you guys off. I remember making a joke in typical SOF fashion just shooting the shit. I remember saying hey don’t frap in, don’t crash. Literally I think 10 mins later I was heading to QRF, and my SGM was telling me to get everybody ready because we had to go QRF these guys because they just got in a helicopter crash.


So they had two helicopters, NAFSOC’s MH-60’s which is their version of it. There set up kept us alive. Their door gunners kept us in where typically we would have had our feet hanging off the sides. Two helo’s infilled into a FOB (Forward Operating Base) the second helicopter hopped a power line. They thought we were taking incoming, and you felt it just the noise how intense it was. Got heavy on the stick and literally nose was just down into the lead helicopters tail rotor which dislodged it, and severed one of the team members in half and caused quite a bit of destruction around it.


That night we lost one of the Iraqi Counter Terrorism Force guys and I think everybody was wounded except for one of our teammates who was next to the sniper who got cut in half that same propeller swatted him on the ass, and knocked him over. I think everybody took shrapnel, yea we were covered in blood and diesel fuel just crawling out of there.  


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