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GRP 22- On this episode we have two special guest back on the show in Tu Lam from Ronin Tactics who is a 20-year veteran of Army Special Forces, and Mike Stahl a MACV-SOG Green Beret who served in Vietnam. They discusses what its like working with indigenous forces which is a specialty of Army Special Forces Green Berets. Mike Stahl and Tu Lam also discuss working with indigenous forces, as well as the realties of what war is like.  Below is an excerpt from Mike Stahl:


“War is fucking hell, I’m sorry there’s nothing nice about it. The best thing in war is to get it over quickly, and sometimes its pretty dam brutal. Until you’ve been shot at, and doing some shooting back, until you’ve been in that crucible you don’t know if you’ve got what it takes or not.”


Below is an excerpt from Tu Lam:



“In war there’s a smell, there’s a taste to it, there’s a feel that you can’t describe. I tell ya man if I don’t have to serve another day in war I’ll be a happy man. Musashi Myamoto wrote The Book of 5 Rings in a Buddhist cave, and he said one thing that always stuck with me and he said “You should fight as if you already died”. There’s a certain point where you still think, but your body reacts, and your kind of in an out of body experience. Rounds are shot, shots are fired you need to do and react. You need to take that initiative away from the enemy otherwise they will control that situation.”


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