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GRP 51-Tyler Grey, The Realities of War, Recovery and Transition.


GRP 51-Tyler Grey, The Realities of War, Recovery and Transition.


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GRP 51-This is the longest episode we've done. Just under three hours of madness is the best way to describe it. Co-hosting is British Army Combat Medic and author of "Battleworn" Chantel Taylor. Along with Tim Kolczak from the Veterans Project, and Tyler Grey. Tyler served for several years within Army Special Operations before he was wounded while on an operation that nearly cost him his arm. We talk about his injury, the recovery process, PTSD, Flame Throwers, MACV-SOG, suicide bombers and much more. Below is an excerpt from the episode:


Chantel: At that time, you had all of this going on around you. Obviously, people needed to carry on with the mission. We all learn self-aid then buddy aid and care under fire. Were you the only one injured?


Tyler Grey: As soon as it happened I had extreme pain in my arm. I had a feeling it wasn't there. I couldn't see anything. I was on my knees feeling around for my arm but I couldn't find it. There was a massive fight going on around me. There had been 3, or 4 people shot outside of the house. We went in and a guy got shot to the left of me. I got blown up and a guy to the right of me got blown up with me. Another guy came in the room then got blown out of it. It's so cliché to say. I hate to say it but it's like everything's in slow motion, well motherfucker yeah it was in slow motion (laughs). 


John: If you're going to build a bridge to connect the veteran community with society you would need people to build the bridge on both ends, and meet in the middle. It could really make things work. We have a huge community of people who support the military.  Talented driven people who can bring a lot to the table. With the podcast, and social media, articles, what Tim's doing with the Veterans Project, through veterans telling stories with movies, or books. It can help bring the right people together and build this bridge the right way. We spoke about the differences between the way warriors were treated in the past and now with what can be perceived as a negative aspect of it. At the same time, we have made progress and can utilize these tools that are at our disposal.



Chantel Taylor:

Link here for her book “Battleworn”

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The Veterans Project:

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Tyler Grey’s Documentary: “That which I love Destroys Me”

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