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GRP 66- Bob Keller|Gun fighting|Shooting Instruction|Krupto Strategic


GRP 66- Bob Keller|Gun fighting|Shooting Instruction|Krupto Strategic

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GRP 66- On for this week's podcast is Bob Keller. Bob is a 20-year veteran of the U.S. Army Special Operations community with time served in the Ranger Regiment, Army Special Forces, and elsewhere. Bob now runs a tactical training company called Gamut Resolutions. His instruction is top of the line and instruction that is proven to work from years of experience as a warfighter. Co-hosting with me is Army combat veteran and a friend of mine Nick Betts, the owner of Krupto Strategic. Nick joined the Army in 05 so he arrived during the period where tactics and training were changing based on the experiences of our forces on the ground. Nick discusses what he's been up to and we touch on tactical shooting courses being taught by combat veterans, and non-combat veterans. Below is an excerpt.

John: You mentioned having the skills to shoot effectively, but you also need the mindset and having a good head on your shoulders to be able to perform in a gunfight situation. Can you talk about the mindset?

Bob Keller: Each person's mindset is going to be different, but what you need to keep in mind is you always have to expect it, and you have to accept it. What that means is every time you go outside, or you go into a building you should be thinking that something bad is going to happen. If you're thinking that you will accept the fact that something bad will happen to you. If you don't like that then you should probably never get into a gunfight. If you always think that way when a bad situation does happen it won't be as stressful for you.

Every situation is different. You can go to the range and train for 1000 different situations every day, and when the time comes for you to actually do something I guarantee it's not going to be any situation you’ve actually been in. It's always different. That's where it goes back to learning the basics. Getting the gun up, getting sight picture, and pulling the trigger.

Introduction audio: Seceratary of Defense James Mattis.

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RIP “Doc” Thomas Eagles, North American Rescue, 18 Delta, Special Forces


RIP “Doc” Thomas Eagles, North American Rescue, 18 Delta, Special Forces

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GRP 29- This nation has lost a piece of history in the quiet of the night. Master Chief (ret.) Tom Eagles was one of the most highly decorated Corpsman of the Vietnam War with service spanning three decades. Doc Eagles is responsible for a lot of changes in combat medicine over the past 50 years. He spent a number of years working with North American Rescue helping develop life saving equipment, and then having it integrated into the US Military. We have a former Special Forces Medic Chris on discussing some of his experiences in combat, and a brother who was killed overseas. Below is an excerpt from Chris. 



 Chris: My ODA was constantly called down to an area near the Pakistan boarder that the Taliban were giving trouble to a very isolated infantry unit Fobbed down there. We went down there with information that they’d been stashing explosive material in this old abandoned village. Stepped out of our vehicle’s, and immediately took small arms fire. Returned fire and they ran away. We advanced up the hill, and once we reached the top they trigged an IED. They buried it too deep, but it still injured some of my teammates.


One in particular got shrapnel all the way up his back. When I was treating him we called in the MEDEVAC we attempted to put him on a stretcher, and he said “Don’t you dare! I’m not letting these cowards see me on a stretcher on the way to the MEDEVAC”. So we walked him to the helicopter and he got on standing. We went right back out the next morning, got into another firefight ended up engaging, and killing the majority of the guys responsible for the IED attack. 


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GRP 21-North American Rescue, DJ Struntz, Ramadi, Zulu Foxtrot


GRP 21-North American Rescue, DJ Struntz, Ramadi, Zulu Foxtrot

GRP 21-On this episode two interviews were conducted. The first is with DJ Struntz who is the Minister of Propaganda for North American Rescue. NAR is a premiere provider in pre hospital, point of wounded medical care. NAR has assembled a seasoned staff of former Special Operations medics, experienced Law Enforcement/SWAT/EMS healthcare providers. The CAT Tourniquet (Combat Application Tourniquet) is the official tourniquet of the US Army, and has contributed to the decrease in deaths on the battlefield for the modern day war fighter.


The second interview was conducted with G from Zero Foxtrot. G is a Marine combat veteran with deployments to Fallujah, and Ramadi during the Iraq war. He has popular social media profiles which post interesting content highlighting warfighters from wars past, and we discuss some things that are popular misconceptions amongst people with limited knowledge on modern warfare, and the history of warfare as well.  Any questions send an email to


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