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GRP 29- This nation has lost a piece of history in the quiet of the night. Master Chief (ret.) Tom Eagles was one of the most highly decorated Corpsman of the Vietnam War with service spanning three decades. Doc Eagles is responsible for a lot of changes in combat medicine over the past 50 years. He spent a number of years working with North American Rescue helping develop life saving equipment, and then having it integrated into the US Military. We have a former Special Forces Medic Chris on discussing some of his experiences in combat, and a brother who was killed overseas. Below is an excerpt from Chris. 



 Chris: My ODA was constantly called down to an area near the Pakistan boarder that the Taliban were giving trouble to a very isolated infantry unit Fobbed down there. We went down there with information that they’d been stashing explosive material in this old abandoned village. Stepped out of our vehicle’s, and immediately took small arms fire. Returned fire and they ran away. We advanced up the hill, and once we reached the top they trigged an IED. They buried it too deep, but it still injured some of my teammates.


One in particular got shrapnel all the way up his back. When I was treating him we called in the MEDEVAC we attempted to put him on a stretcher, and he said “Don’t you dare! I’m not letting these cowards see me on a stretcher on the way to the MEDEVAC”. So we walked him to the helicopter and he got on standing. We went right back out the next morning, got into another firefight ended up engaging, and killing the majority of the guys responsible for the IED attack. 


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