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Joining me for this week’s podcast is Nims Dai. Nims grew up in Nepal before joining the famed Gurkha's. The Gurkha Brigades recently celebrated 200 years of service in the British Army. Upon returning from a combat deployment to Afghanistan Nims, decided to go on selection for British Special Forces. Upon passing selection he would continue to serve as an operator in the SBS for another 10 years.

In 2016 on pre-deployment leave Nims took out a loan from the bank and went to Nepal to climb Mount Everest. During his climb, he rescued a climber at 8,000 meters. Within 4 days of completing the climb, he was conducting combat operations in Afghanistan. Nims is an extraordinary mountaineer who is currently making history. He’s summiting the 14 mountains on earth that are over 8,000 meters in 7 months. The current record for this feat is held at 8 years. We discussed the history of the Gurkhas, his time in the military, and his record-breaking climbing which he close to completing. Enjoy.

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