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GRP 127-An American Spy Master: The former Director of Overseas Operations for the CIA Jack Devine.


We have a very special guest on for this episode. Former Director of overseas operations for the Central Intelligence Agency Jack Devine. Mr. Devine served with the agency for over 30 years while working some of the most impactful operations during that time. We discussed his interactions with KGB Spy Aldrich Ames from the beginning of his career until they met again when he was the station chief in Rome.


Jack ran the covert operation of arming the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan during the 1980s against the Soviet Union which eventually led to their defeat. We discussed the role of politics in the intelligence world and many other topics. Enjoy.


0:00-Intro discussing some of the damage done by Soviet Spy Aldrich Ames, and the results of the covert CIA program arming the Mujahedeen in Afghanistan against the Soviets


9:03-Jack Devine’s interactions with KGB spy Aldrich Ames during the beginning of his CIA career, as well as his interactions with him 20 years later when Devine was the CIA station chief of Rome.


31:14-The politicization of intelligence


40:13-The military coup of 1973 by Chilean General Pinochet


48:45-Charlie Wilsons War: Running covert operations in the 1980s against the Russians in Afghanistan


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