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GRP 123-Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that- The Guardian Group: Countering Child Sex Trafficking 



On for the podcast in our latest episode are retired Special Missions Lieutenant Colonel Jeff Tiegs, and the founder of the Guardian Group Jeff Keith. LT Tiegs became aware of the crime of child sex trafficking while disrupting terrorist networks overseas. 


After a brief stint in Law Enforcement and the Air Force Special Operation’s, Jeff Keith continued to serve but as a Pastor. Jeff, in his travels overseas learned of the problem and returned to the United States intending to scale it down. We discussed the scope of the crime, ways that the hotel industry and communities can deny pimps and traffickers grounds to operate, and much more. Enjoy. 



0:00-Clint Romesha MOH Citation 


7:29-Human Trafficking prevention and awareness month. Army Rangers, Green Berets, Special Missions Unit.


13:15- Jeff Keith. Law enforcement, Airforce Special Operations, Pastor. 


32:20- Stop Enabling Sex Traffickers Act (SESTA). Shutting down the sex services website “Backpage”

The Modern Drawbridge Survey is intended to help you better understand the complexities of sex trafficking in the U.S. and how communities can intervene and potentially disrupt the exploitation cycle. The concept is grounded in previous research by William J. Ryan and Judith H. Katz. Guardian Group has been presenting this dilemma to groups across the country for the past year.  See the link below:

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