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We’re back from a podcasting hiatus with a great episode. I spent my fourth of July morning talking with Army Colonel Scott Kelly. Colonel Kelly spent over 23 years in the military working in various roles as a commanding officer. We touched on several topics including special operations selection, leading men at the pinnacle of combat arms in special missions, family, and the large task of running an Army. Colonel Kelly is also the director of the Green Beret Project which does invaluable work with at risk youth. Please check them out. Enjoy.




7:33-Colonel Scott Kelly’s Army career


9:42: Special Operations Selection. The role of a Commanding Officer in Special Operations.


32:00-Being at the top of your game. The burnout of the Special Operations community and the burden on the families. 

57:16-Working at the strategic level. Attending the War College. 


1:13:06-The Green Beret Project


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