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GRP 120-Warriors Heart: Two Brothers Serving in Special Missions in The War on Terror

For this week's podcast, I have on Tom and Scot Spooner. Both served in the infantry than became Special Forces Engineers. After 9/11 Tom who joined the Army before Scot went to selection and made it into the Army’s Special Missions Unit as an operator. For the next decade, he deployed without a break into combat as an operator and a sniper.

Scot was on an instructor tour at the Special Forces schoolhouse where he taught everything explosives for young men becoming Green Berets. Once Scot’s instructor time was up he went into the Special Missions Unit as apart of the heavy breacher’s program. They’ve been deployed to Iraq at the same time and discuss what that was like. We talked about their new podcast Original Freedom, Post Traumatic Stress, and several other topics. Enjoy.

0:00-Ronald Regan Speech

6:00-Tom Spooners Army Career

12:51-Scot Spooners Army Career

20:16-Deployed with Army Special Missions in Iraq at the same time.

37:02- “It was harder to be at home watching television then it was to be deployed in combat”

58:06-Warriors Heart

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