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GRP 90-Co-hosting for this week’s podcast is U.S. Army Special Forces veteran HP Lefler. For this episode we decided to come up with some tips and ideas on how to plan for a trip into a place like Egypt. As Americans, or Westerners traveling into a country in North Africa it can be exciting and dangerous. The tips and ideas we give you are to help mitigate some of those risks. 

Last week there was a training accident at the Special Forces Qualification Course in which 1 student was killed, and several other people were injured. We’d like to send our condolences out to the family and friends of 32-year-old Staff Sgt. Alexander Dalida of Dunstable, Massachusetts. The exact cause of the accident is still under investigation. We talked about the dangers of training for war in the Special Operations, Combat Arms, and support for Combat Arms in the military really is. 

There was a terrorist attack in London a few days ago with the terrorist constructing a poorly put together device which partially detonated wounding 30 people. We talked about what you can do to prepare yourself mentally for a situation like this, and the proper way to react in order to navigate away from the danger zone. 

0:00-Episode overview

3:07-Safety tips, contingency planning, and what to do if shit goes south as an American, or westerner in a country like Egypt.

19:52- Training accident at the Special Forces Qualification Course. Staff Sgt. Alexander P. Dalida was killed and seven others were injured in the incident. We talk about the dangers of training for war.   

30:20-Terrorist deployed a poorly put together homemade explosive device that partially exploded in the London train system. How to respond to a threat, and maintain your calm in order to properly navigate out of a dangerous situation. 

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