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GRP 83- We have the distinct honor and privilege of having on 22 SAS Staff Sergeant Rusty Firmin. Rusty was the blue team leader during the Iranian embassy siege in London, May 1980. The footage captured by the British media show SAS assaulters storming the embassy in which they rescued 19 hostages and killed 5 of the 6 terrorists. The major motion picture "6 Days" is a film about the embassy siege that is based on Rusty's book " Go! Go! Go!: The SAS. The Iranian Embassy Siege. The True Story".

Below is an excerpt:


John Hendricks: This incident was really the first time the world caught a glimpse of what counter-terrorism and hostage rescue is really about. It shocked the world.


Rusty Firmin: That's right. The incident lasted for six days until the resolution was put in on the 5th of May and the mission, of course, was to rescue the hostages. That's exactly what the red and blue teams of B Squadron did all of those years ago.  That was never supposed to be shown on TV. Part of the plan was when the assault did go in it was supposed to be smoked off so nobody could see. What happened is the prime minister (Margret Thatcher) said "We're not going to do that. We're going to show the world how we deal with terrorist" and that's exactly what happened. There was nobody more surprised than me when I finished the operation a few hours later to see it being run on TV when Mrs. Margret Thatcher sat with us in Regence Park Barracks and we were all going "what happened there?"  (Laughs).


I became blue team commander by day 5. The guy I took over from Roy, went to make the distraction charge which is the one you heard that initiated the assault. Once they killed Mr. Lavasani everything changed. Unless they threw their hands up and ran out this was it. It took 16 minutes for us to get into our final assault positions covertly. The idea was to hit everything simultaneously. It was 56 rooms on 6 levels. We had 34 guys ready to go. As soon as we got the go, big loud explosion and we went in. The guy who shot Lavasani came down passed me I saw his hand grenade so I spun him around and shot him.


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