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On for this week’s podcast is a 20-year veteran of the Army Special Operations Command is the owner of Storm Tactical Consulting Fred. Fred served as a Special Forces Medic for a number of years before trying out and getting selected to serve as an operator in a Special Missions Unit. We discussed the oversaturation of the tactical training industry, and some of the core principles of being an effective gunfighter i.e. mastering the basics. We talked about combat medicine and the evolution of trauma protocols as the wars progressed.


I wanted to get Fred’s take on leadership. He shared a story of a time in Fallujah, Iraq where his Special Forces ODA could have easily avoided an ambush, but due to poor leadership, they walked right into one. Recently I’d listened to a popular podcast on iTunes where the host talked about how ISIS shocked everyone and kind of popped up out of nowhere. This couldn’t be further from the truth so Fred and I discussed a man named Abu Musab al-Zarqawi who is the ideological founder of ISIS but was killed in 2006 in Iraq. His followers have continued on the path set forth by him and in recent years we’ve seen the rise of the Islamic State.


Over a long career, Fred has served as an Assaulter, Breacher, Sniper, Human Intel Specialist, and finishing up as a Dog Handler. We touched on PTSD and TBI to close out the episode.  




2:30- Storm Tactical Consulting

3:37-The oversaturation of the tactical training industry

6:00-Mastering the basics, muscle memory

7:44- Fred’s background 20 years of service as an 18 Delta Green Beret Medic, and later as an operator in the Army’s Special Missions Unit

12:48-Special Operations Combat Medics Course(SOCM) Combat Trauma, Special Forces Medical Sergeant(SFMS) Dentistry, veterinary care, public sanitation, water quality, and optometry. TCCC

17:00-Great leadership

20:55-Story of an avoidable ambush in Fallujah, Iraq under poor leadership

31:38- Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and the rise of the Islamic State

38:15-Assaulter, Sniper, Breacher, and a dive into Special Operations Dog Handling

53:39-Traumatic Brain Injury, PTSD

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