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GRP 101-On for this week's podcast is former Marine Raider Nick Koumalatsos. Nick explained his early life which was a bumpy road as he was getting in trouble prior to joining the Marine Corps. Overcoming several obstacles he made it in and began his journey. We talked about his time spent in Force Recon, and the Marine Raider Battalions. Nick shared a war story from his Force Recon days in Fallujah, Iraq running Asymmetrical operations. 

We discussed transitioning out of the military, and several of the different ventures Nick has been spearheading including the Raider Project. We talked about Youtube, traveling, drone cameras and much more. Enjoy. 


3:40-Nick's early life struggles. Entry into the Marine Corps.

28:08-The difference between Force Recon and the Marine Raider Battalions 

33:35-Force Recon in Fallujah 

47:38-Nick's transition out of the military. 

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