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GRP 94-It’s a great honor to have the United States Marine Corps Major Scott Huesing on the podcast. Major Huesing served for 24 years with 10 deployments conducting operations in over 60 countries worldwide. He’s the author of the upcoming book “Echo in Ramadi”.


Now Major Scott A. Huesing, the commander who led Echo Company through Ramadi, takes readers back to the streets of Ramadi in a visceral, gripping portrayal of modern urban combat. Bound together by brotherhood, honor, and the horror they faced, Echo's Marines battled day-to-day on the frontline of a totally different kind of war, without rules, built on chaos. In Echo in Ramadi, Huesing brings these resilient, resolute young men to life and shows how the savagery of urban combat left indelible scars on their bodies, psyches, and souls.


We discussed Transnational terrorism, Ramadi, Leadership in combat and Gold Star families.


0:00-Episode overview


2:17-Conflict in Africa, transnational terrorism


11:29-Ramadi, Iraq


18:07-Leading Marines in combat, Gold Star families


32:46-The less than 1 percent of Americans serving in combat, PTSD

47:49- Save The Brave Foundation


Major Huesing:



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