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GRP 46-First and foremost I want to send my deepest condolence's to the family of FDNY Battalion Chief Michael J. Fahy who was killed in the Bronx, New York today. Chief Fahy died responding to a reported gas leak from a house which subsequently exploded killing the Battalion Chief and wounding several others. He served for 17 years and was considered to be a rising star within the Fire Department. At the end of the episode, I added some audio as a small tribute.


On for this episode is retired 3/75 Army Ranger Medic, and author Leo Jenkins. Leo served with Ranger Battalion for several deployments and played a role in the rescue and recovery effort of the fallen SEALs from the ill-fated Operation Red Wings. We discuss Leo's current lifestyle as a modern day nomad who travels from country to country mixing it up with the locals. It's a lifestyle and way of thinking Leo's embraced that really helped him deal with his post-military struggles. We discuss his involvement with a unique organization called The Team 5 Foundation which deploys to high-risk locations globally teaching medicine and treating the local population. Leo recently deployed with Team 5 and we discuss what that was like.  Below is an excerpt from the episode.



John: One of the pictures you took, to me was an iconic image showing Rangers taking IV fluid in a rush to find the missing SEALs from Operation Red Wings.  You guys were on your movement moving through harsh terrain in very hot weather.


Leo Jennings: I think I started lines on five, or six of our guys during those four days. These aren't guys coming off the couch. These are guys who maintain a very high level of fitness. Dudes were taking IV's but quitting was not an option. Guys really sucked it up because they knew that fellow U.S service members were out there in harm's way. Even if it was to recover their bodies those guys from those units will walk until their feet are bloody nubs. Let's keep this going until all of these Americans are recovered. Never shall I leave a fallen comrade to fall into the hands of the enemy. That's the most important thing. If you're a little bit hot or tired you suck that up and drive on.


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