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GRP 42-On this episode I have former Canadian Special Operations Regiment (CSOR) solider Wes Kennedy. CSOR traces its unit’s roots to the first American, Canadian Special Operations unit which was a joint unit called the “1st Special Service Force”. Wes is the author of “Sports Vision Training for Shooting Performance”. We talk a little about the Canadian Special Operations Forces Command (CANSOFCOM). We talk fitness, and mindset. Wes runs a company that helps prepare military athletes for the rigorous Special Operations selection programs across the globe.


          An article has come out recently written by Sean Naylor in the New York Times where the Airforce has developed some new technology to help them clean up old drone footage. During Operation Anaconda special reconnaissance units were tasked with heading up into the mountains, and identifying enemy fighting positons in order to call in air support. A highly respected Navy SEAL operator is being bashed on social media because the Airforce is claiming that him and his unit left behind John Chapman an Airforce Combat Control Technician (CCT). The new technology isn’t 100 accurate to say for certain that Chapman was still alive.  


         The facts are the SEALs along with the CCT were out numbered, out gunned, and taking casualties. Senior Chief Petty Officer Slabinski assumed Chapman was killed during the initial gunfight in which several members of the small team were shot, and wounded. They made the call to leap down the mountain under fire, and commence what would become a 6 hour running gun battle in order to break contact. Slabinski’s actions that day kept the SEALs alive, and his teammates have the highest praise for him. I am disappointed with the level of arm chair quarterbacking that’s taking place on the internet over this issue.


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