GRP 38- On this episode I have the privilege of having a conversation with retired Special Forces soldier turned professional football player Nate Boyer. Nate served this country for 10 years. All of his time in the military was spent as a Green Beret on active duty, and then in a National Guard Special Forces unit. Nate’s story is truly inspirational, and he continues to serve his fellow veterans by contributing to veteran programs, and initiatives which are absolutely awesome. Below is an excerpt from the episode:


John Hendricks: Nate, lets talk about what you were doing before the Army, and then what led you into the Army.


Nate Boyer: I didn’t understand much about service, and sacrifice. I went over to Darfur on the boarder of Sudan, and Chad in sub-Saharan Africa. I did some relief work over there for a couple of months. It was over there that I gained my sense of patriotism. I became very proud of what we had here. I gained some perspective on what its like in the world. When I came back I had this feeling that I wanted to go fight for those people in those places that didn’t have someone to protect them. I came back and signed up with an 18 X-ray contract to go become a Green Beret.


John Hendricks: That’s awesome. That relief work what does it consist of?


Nate Boyer: It’s a long story to be honest. I wasn’t even supposed to be there. I tried to apply to these different organizations’ that were over there, and they turned me down because to them I didn’t have anything to offer. I was like man I’ll do anything. Pass out food rations, assist in the medical center. What ever you need. I was like alright we’ll F you I’m going over there anyway. I bought a plane ticket, and showed up bullshitting my way onto the camps. The people in the camps were enamored by the fact that an American would leave what we have to go help over there. The kids were always asking me questions. They all figured I was like best friends with 50 Cent or something.


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