GRP 40- Dan, the owner of Combat Flags, and US Army veteran joined me for our 40th episode. We discuss the role of a PYSOP (Physiological Operations) Solider, OEF-P, and his company Combat Flags. Operation Enduring Freedom-Philippines is a lesser known campaign to rid the Philippine’s of Islamic terror groups. We discuss the situation there, and what the Pilipino government is doing to counter the threat. Dan’s company Combat Flags, create these beautiful American flags put together using the uniforms of veterans from all branches. It’s really awesome work, and Combat Flags donates half of the money to Stop Solider Suicide. Below is an excerpt from the episode.



John Hendricks: Since these training camps were erected have they been using them to fight the government since the 70’s, and 80’s?


Dan: For a pretty good portion of time they were just using it as training. It was considered a safe haven. The government wouldn’t venture too far down into these far flung areas. The jungle’s very thick. It takes a decent amount of energy and resources to get to where these guys were. After a while they started fighting against the government, military. There’s gun fights, bombings, you name it on a pretty fairly consistent basis.


John Hendricks: Were they only striking on the southern islands, or all across the Philippine’s?


Dan: The bulk of the attacks were on the southern island of Mindanao. The KFR’s (Kidnap’s for Ransoms) were happening sporadically on Visayas which is the middle chunk.  Visayas is purported to have the worlds most beautiful beaches, its where people go to vacation. It’s where the wealthy go, and that’s where the terrorist groups see dollar signs. They kidnap foreigners, get a nice payday then give them back.


John Hendricks: If I’m vacationing in the Philippine’s I don’t want to go there basically.


Dan. You could. Haha I wouldn’t go there.


John Hendricks:  Has there been measurable progress there?


Dan: It’s important to note that the United States participation there is in a non combatant role. It’s the tradition by with, and through method. We train them, we provided intelligence, and logistical support. They go out and conduct the operations. They were pushing farther, and farther into some of these far flung area’s. There’s been gain’s and losses since I’ve been there. 


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