GRP 36-On this episode I have Tu Lam ret Special Forces SGM, and owner of Ronin Tactics back on the show. Tu is a martial artist, hand to hand combat instructor, and a blade expert. We are hosting ringed blade seminars here in New York City the first weekend of August. Sat August 6th will be held at Cross Fit Giant in Edgewater NJ. We’re hosting two sessions per day. The first will be from 1-4 pm, and the second from 5-8 pm. Day 2 will be held at Brooklyn Athletic Club in Williamsburg Brooklyn same time slots. On this episode we discuss some of the methodology, and how Tu has evolved as a martial artist during his 22-year career as an operator. Below is an excerpt form the episode



John Hendricks: When you talk about training the blurred area’s and I was out in Colorado I saw the way you were flowing, and I noticed you have the same philosophy for handling a pistol, handling a rifle, handling a blade. Is that a similar philosophy without giving away too much information, if your entering a room you have your sector of the room to secure, but at the same time if you enter a room your veering off to the left, but there’s a guy on the right I’m sure you guys have some type of methodology to where you can get him even though he’s in your peripherals.


Tu Lam: Yeah its funny you say that. In CQB when I first started my training in counter terrorism when we explosive breach, and enter a room each one of us as a guy on the teams we move into a certain point in the room. There’s going to be times when a guy should have gone left, and he went right. Things happen in combat. As a senior guy, as a martial artist, as a commando you have to be able to process that data. Like water, move. He should have gone right, and he gone left your able to process that data and go right. Picking up those gaps when it needs to be picked up. It’s the same with fighting. If you throw a punch, and I parry that punch and you throw another you leave an opening because I parried that punch. I’m going to either block or I’m going to expose that opening.


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