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GRP 26-On this episode I interviewed Jay the CEO of the Crisis Applications Group. We’re excited to announce that Global Recon is now on LinkedIn! Just search Global Recon as we being to build our professional network online. I’m also recruiting experts in the book, and media publishing fields. If you’re interested send an email to


The Crisis Application Group, is a private group that consists of professionals and law abiding citizens committed to self defense and self reliance. Our mission is to foster a mature network of proactive, training oriented adults and sponsor dialog across our national and international network.


Below is an excerpt from the episode:


John Hendricks: I know you were a Special Forces Medic which is the 18 Delta, were you working as a medic in your other unit?


Jay: I was. As an 18 Delta in a regular Special Forces Group if that makes any sense your primary hat is an operator. You’re a Green Beret first, and a medic second. You’re a shooter, and then should the occasion arise you become a medic. It’s not much different on the Special Missions side of the house. The emphasis is placed on your specialty.  You go through the same training as an operator, but when you go to your maneuver element you are the subject matter expert in tactical medicine. You’re expected to pursue that specialty, and operationally speaking your sort of set aside to be the medic.  


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