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GRP 52- On for this episode is Donald Lee, and Griff Griffin from Combat Flip Flops. Both are former Army Rangers with multiple combat rotations.  Co-hosting is British Army Combat Medic Chantel Taylor. Combat Flip Flops is a very interesting company that makes Flip Flops in Afghanistan, and other products in places like Lao's in southeast Asia. From now till the end of the month you can get a 20 percent discount upon check out just enter the coupon code "Global Recon".  They are also having a veteran’s day sale from Wednesday till Friday. 20 percent off site wide coupon code “WELOVEVETS”.


Today being election day we get into politics, some of the causes and effects of war and what is viewed as the best way to combat poverty which is really a big reason for a lot of the people fighting over in the middle east. Not each enemy fighter is a fanatical jihadi in a lot of cases fighting is the only way they can earn money. We talk about contracting, the transition out of the military and most importantly the consequences of wearing socks with Combat Flip Flops!


Griff talks about a time that while on a rotation into Iraq a coordinated attack was launched on a checkpoint and using drone footage they were able to follow the perpetrators of the attack back to their safe houses. An operation was immediately launched in which they captured those responsible for the attack. When asked why they did what they did one of the men stated simply it's a way to earn money.



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