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GRP 54- We have a special guest on for today's podcast. Dave Maynard is a lead instructor at Warfighter Academy, and a retired U.S Navy SEAL who made it into the Teams in 1972 just missing the Vietnam war. Dave left the Navy after a couple of years as the SEALs were downsizing after the war. During this time, he worked repairing Navy ships as a contractor, as well as working in different capacities in the realm of tactical development for Fleet Training Center.  Once the Global War on Terror kicked off Dave became a contractor for the U.S Government's Global Response Staff. Below is an excerpt from our conversation.



John: You joined the SEAL Teams just as the Vietnam war was winding down, worked as a ship repairing contractor, developed tactics with the Fleet Training Center, then became a GRS Contractor working for the Government.


Dave Maynard: In 2006 in Iraq we got into a major gun battle. I took a round in my helmet. We had to rescue three guys that were trapped in a vehicle. Surrounded by a lot of enemy fighters just pounding these guys. We got into a big firefight but got these guys out. We were having some contract issues. Black Water lost the contracts and they wanted us to switch over to a different company. Now they’re trying to pay us $400 a day during a time that more contractors were getting killed then during any other time of the war. I told them they’re going to lose all of the talent, and fast.  So we had the GRS heads come in and they said you know what screw all the contractors we’ll just direct hire these guys.


Now I can go to Amman Jordan, Uzbekistan, or wherever they want to send me so we go wherever they want us to go. The guys in Benghazi were typical GRS guys. Outnumbered, outgunned, but they fought like lions. 


Dave Maynard:


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