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GRP 50- Army Major Dalton Fury lost his battle with cancer a few days ago. It's a tremendous loss for his family and for the country. Maj Fury was a commander for a Special Missions unit and is the author of "Kill Bin Laden". You will be missed, sir.


Co-hosting for Today's podcast is Army veteran Tim Kuzack who created The Veterans Project. The Veterans Project is a comprehensive photographic essay detailing the lives of Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom combat veterans and their return to civilian life. The project focuses on the many challenges surrounding their reentry into "polite society" and realistically depicts their lives profiled in both photographic and interview formats. On with Tim is Bert Kuntz an Army Special Forces veteran with multiple combat rotations. Below is an excerpt from the episode.


John: Bert you're a veteran of the Army Special Forces. How long were you with the Army? and was all of that with Special Forces?


Bert Kuntz: I joined in 2002 and separated from the Army in 2011. Just about 10 years. I came in on the 18 x-ray program which is designed to bring guys in off the street. I originally wanted to join the Airforce, but then I met some Special Forces guys and decided I wanted to become an 18 Delta (Special Forces Medic).


John: If any guys struggling to make the transition or anyone out there imagine if you're putting 40 plus hours per week into your business, or idea there's no limit to what you can achieve. If you attempted to climb a mountain and took it one step at a time. One day at time. There's no limit to what you can achieve.


Bert: John you just said my favorite line of my entire life. I say to myself what you just said. The only thing you can control today is the amount of effort you put into the person you want to be and the work you want to do. Transition into the civilian life is not easy.  The amount of effort you put into it whether it's taking out the trash at McDonalds or being a Neurosurgeon vets are doing all of that and everything in between.


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