GRP-02 Notes: In this episode we conducted two separate interviews. Mike interviewed a VICE news reporter named Ayman Oghanna who was embedded with the Iraqi Counter Terrorism Force. They discuss the current state of affairs in Iraq, the history of the ISOF (Iraqi Special Operations Forces), and the way that Ayman actually hooked up with ISOF. Mike who is a Special Forces veteran served with ISOF during the height of the Iraq war, and he became great friends with the ISOF warriors. His friend Issa was killed a few days ago during the battle of Ramadi taking place in Iraq.


Ayman was also friends with Issa. Vice news recorded some video of Ayman’s time embedded with ISOF, and Issa was featured during the video. Mike created a Gofundme campaign to raise 10K for Issa’s wife and three children. The links will be listed below.


I interviewed Adrienne Hatcher who is the Missouri National Guard’s first female Apache helicopter pilot. We discuss Adrienne’s career, and her organization called Combat Boots and High Heels. The organization does a lot of great work for veterans, and I will list her website below.


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Here is the link for the gofundme campaign to help out Issa's family:

Mike’s website:

Mike’s Instagram: SOFSurvivor

Mike’s Facebook: Fieldcraftllc


Ayman Oghanna’s Instagram: Ayman_Oghanna

Ayman Oghanna’s Twitter: AymanOghanna


Adrienne Hatcher’s website:

Adrienne Hatcher’s Instagram: Combatbootsandhighheels

0ur article on Adrienne:


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