In the early hours of 5 January 2016 America’s Special Operations Forces went to work with Afghan Special Forces in southern Afghanistan.  As many as eighty reported Special Operations Forces were inserted by two Ch47 Chinooks in the town of Marjah just north of Helmand. The Chinooks took reported “immediate RPG and Small Arms fire.”  The incident unfortunately required a MEDEVAC bird.  The MEDEVAC/CASEVAC helicopter took heavy fire experienced “mechanical failure” but “landed” as reported by the US Spokesman For Troops in Afghanistan (Name Not Given).  The DOD and the US Spokesman for Troops and Afghanistan have confirmed that one person unfortunately has died of wounds, and there are two more that are wounded.  The Pentagon has confirmed the event.



Please do not forget these soldiers on a day that your news feed will be covered up by the POTUS Executive Order.