Airman 1st Class Spencer Stone, who helped take down a gunman on a train in Belgium, was stabbed four times in the chest in Sacramento early Thursday morning, Air Force Times has learned.



"A1C Spencer Stone has been transported to a local hospital, and is currently being treated for injury," Air Force Spokesman Lt. Col. Christopher Karns said in an email in Air Force Times. "The incident is currently under investigation by local law enforcement.



He is currently in stable condition."

A Sacramento TV station reported on the stabbing but did not include the victim's name. The stabbing happened about 12:45 a.m. on Thursday on a Sacramento street corner.



The victim suffered "multiple stab wounds to the torso," KCRATV reported. Police initially did not think the stabbing victim would survive and began treating the incident as a homicide investigation, but it now appears that the victim will pull through. Sacramento police said they have not yet identified the person who was stabbed in the incident on Thursday morning.



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