After an Axe attack in Afghanistan Captain Trevor Greene uses Exoskeleton to walk 


I remember when we first got word of the attack on Capt Trevor Greene in 2006, when Canada’s combat role in Afghanistan was hitting its peak. We were sitting around the platoon room when the news came in that one of our buddies attached to his unit happened to be there during the attack.

At the time, Lieutenant Greene was deployed as a Civilian-Military Cooperation (CIMIC) officer, who had volunteered to deploy from his reserve unit, the Seaforth Highlanders of Canada. The job of a CIMIC officer is to maintain positive relations with the locals and work to rebuild the local infrastructure which was constantly being held down by the Taliban.

On March 26th, 2006, Greene was conducting a meeting with village elders in the village of Shinkay, and the group inside the cordon had removed their helmets to show respect for the local leaders. Once Greene’s helmet was removed, a 16 year old charged him and nearly split his brain in half with an axe. As the Taliban fighter attempted to go in for another strike, he was shot dead by other members of the platoon. The platoon then came under heavy fire from other Taliban forces as they waited for the US Army MEDEVAC chopper. Once aboard the helicopter medic Gary Adams was able to unblock his airway and buy him enough time to make it back to KAF, and then onto Germany for further treatment.


Source credit to Funker530.

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