The MARSOF Advanced Sniper Course (MASC) is a 4-week course that produces snipers trained to special operations standards. Marines attending the course will already have passed a basic level course such as the USMC Scout Sniper Basic Course, NSW Sniper Course or the Army's USASOC Level 1 Course. The MASC is split into 5 blocks:

  • Block 1: Fundamental skills, Ballistics, and live fire at 100-200meters.
  • Block 2: Ballistic software, sniper equipment, engagement techniques, known distance shooting, and equipment practical application.
  • Block 3: Sniper Tactics and employment, foreign weapons, ballistic testing, Glass shooting, Unknown distance shooting (day and night) with 5.56LR, 7.62LR, .300WM, and .50 Caliber rifles, and moving target shooting.
  • Block 4: Qualification on the MASC qualification course, a composite score based off of four separate and timed drills including barricade shooting, day and night unknown distance, and spotter qualification.
  • Block 5: Aerial sniping, Explosive loophole breaching, Loophole shooting, Side prone shooting, High angle shooting, Urban hides, Vehicle hides, Surveillance equipment practical application, and the culminating exercise; a four day reactive scenario in which sniper teams locate targets, conduct surveillance, and eliminate targets as part of a Marine Special Operations Team, utilizing the full spectrum of SOF assets and equipment.