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Atomic Athlete, Special Operations Fitness, Programs to Pass Selection

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Atomic Athlete, Special Operations Fitness, Programs to Pass Selection

GRP 32- On this episode we have Chuck Ritter back on the show. Chuck is the First Sergeant at the Special Forces Senior Leader Course at Fort Bragg. On for the first time are Atomic Athlete Owner’s Jake Saenz - Former Ranger Regiment Team Leader, Founder of Atomic Athlete, and Jordan Smothermon - former naval nuclear operator who’s been professionally coaching for 4 years.


Ronin Tactics is coming to NYC!!! (6-7 AUG 2016) Classes are open to everyone.

Two Days Ronin Tactics “Ring Blade” Seminar that will build on each session. We will be hosting a two 3 hrs seminar per day for two days. First session- Body movement, empty hands, centerline and off-center line blade and saber blade attacks. Second session- Trapping, Foot Movement, Control over Opponent, Pick and reinforce pick attacks. The links to purchase your slot, and for full details will be listed at the bottom of this page. Here is an excerpt from the episode.


John Hendricks: That’s an interesting point you’ve made about having the right mindset with training vs working out. If your climbing a mountain instead taking it one step at a time a lot of people will look up, and get turned off by the size of the task. What will set companies, and trainers apart will be the ability to teach that mindset, as well as teaching the physical side.


Jake Saenz: I heard a great quote by a former Special Operations guy “Selection is a never ending process” the bottom line is so is fitness. Look at Chuck who’s 18 years in. It’s not about what’s going to happen today, or the next few days. When your training for a career in Special Operations you need to have a long term vision, and a long term purpose behind your training. Someone like Chuck has to be capable for upwards of 20 years. Having that long term perspective thinking about that like hey its not just about today, its about a year from now, 3 years from now, 5 years from now. Accepting the fact that its going to be a slow steady climb up hill, but as long as you continue to train and when I say train, as Jordan mentioned not working out, but training. Following a program based on your ability, and your goals. As long as you train you’ll continue to see improvement.


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