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GRP 65-Zulu Foxtrot|Transition|Combat Stories


GRP 65-Zulu Foxtrot|Transition|Combat Stories

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GRP 65-On for this week's podcast is Tim Kolczak of the Veterans Project and G from Zulu Foxtrot. Tim is an Army veteran, and G is a Marine Corps veteran. Both have trips to Iraq. G was in Fallujah, and Ramadi during the worst of the fighting there and he shares a story from his time in the country. We discuss the transitional process and the struggle that G experienced once he separated from the Marine Corps. We discuss what it takes to be successful as a veteran coming out of the military, and as a civilian. G talking about his struggles is very powerful and I suggest you guys check this episode out. Below is an excerpt:


John: You have two trips into Iraq during some of the heaviest fightings. Can you share a story of your experiences over seas?

G Zulu Foxtrot: We were in Ramadi. It was the deadliest city in the world at that point. The enemy was not afraid to show themselves. We had a couple of blocks that belonged to us. It was our green zone. The minute you ventured out the entire city came down on you. We went out with our platoon. During those days you have to literally run from one spot to the other. The minute you stopped you were taking fire. We get to the Ramadi hospital. Anyone who's been there has fond memories of that. There's a huge open parking lot. We spread out because we don't want to take fire and lose four guys in one shot.


I'm not going to mention any names because he was that asshole dude. We had a new guy it was his first deployment. I looked out the corner of my eye and I saw dust lift off his flak jacket and the kid just dropped. He's yelling "I'm hit, I'm hit". We all dove for cover. We're trying to figure out what happened. We think it's a sniper. My SGT is like" go get em" and I'm like "fuck you, you go get em, dude".  What happened was this Iraqi kid threw a rock at him from a window.



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GRP 21-North American Rescue, DJ Struntz, Ramadi, Zulu Foxtrot


GRP 21-North American Rescue, DJ Struntz, Ramadi, Zulu Foxtrot

GRP 21-On this episode two interviews were conducted. The first is with DJ Struntz who is the Minister of Propaganda for North American Rescue. NAR is a premiere provider in pre hospital, point of wounded medical care. NAR has assembled a seasoned staff of former Special Operations medics, experienced Law Enforcement/SWAT/EMS healthcare providers. The CAT Tourniquet (Combat Application Tourniquet) is the official tourniquet of the US Army, and has contributed to the decrease in deaths on the battlefield for the modern day war fighter.


The second interview was conducted with G from Zero Foxtrot. G is a Marine combat veteran with deployments to Fallujah, and Ramadi during the Iraq war. He has popular social media profiles which post interesting content highlighting warfighters from wars past, and we discuss some things that are popular misconceptions amongst people with limited knowledge on modern warfare, and the history of warfare as well.  Any questions send an email to


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