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GRP 108-"By Strength and Guile" A Conversation with American and British Operators


GRP 108-"By Strength and Guile" A Conversation with American and British Operators

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GRP 108-We have some great guest on for this episode. Back on the podcast is retired Navy SEAL Boyd Renner. Boyd served for 28 years in the Navy all of that as a Navy SEAL. With 23 years spent at Naval Special Warfare Development Group. Bob joined us as well and Bob served for 16 years as a Royal Marine in the British military. He spent the majority of his time deployed in combat before he was medically retired.


Boyd and Bob shared some stories of their time in the service which can be hilariously funny or life changing events. We talked about Boyd getting his first tattoo with his wife’s DNA encapsulated into it via his company Everence. We discussed approaching and dealing with difficult situations in life, the meaning of tattoo’s, and many other topics. Enjoy.




4:09-Boyd’s first tattoo and military background.


6:06-Bob’s military career in the British Royal Marines


19:12-Running a protection detail for General Stanley McChrystal




1:04:40-Combat Story


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