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GRP 82-Killing in Combat: A Navy SEALs perspective on killing on the battlefield


GRP 82-Killing in Combat: A Navy SEALs perspective on killing on the battlefield

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GRP 82-Today marks the 12th anniversary of Operation Red Wings with what was at the time the worst loss of life for American forces in Afghanistan, and the worse loss of life for Naval Special Warfare in their storied history.


Back on the podcast is retired U.S. Navy SEAL and New York Times bestselling author Kevin Lacz. Kevin is trained as Corpsman (Medic) and a Sniper. This places Kevin and those like him on opposite ends of the spectrum of combat arms in taking life on the battlefield and saving it. Chantel Taylor the co-host of the show served as a Combat Medic in the British Army. During a tour in southern Afghanistan, a convoy she was traveling in was ambushed. In the ensuing battle, Chantel became the first British woman in history to kill an enemy in close quarters. We talked about the psychology of killing in combat which Kevin touched on in his book. Below is an excerpt from the podcast:


Kevin Lacz: I read "On Killing" prior to my first deployment. It made a mark in the back of mind. At the end of that first deployment, I was like ok I fall in that 2 percent crowd that can conduct business and keep going without the psychological and physiological changes that are experienced by most. In most memoirs, you won't read about how killing effects you. Most people just write about being a tough guy, but there hasn't been much of a psychological approach of having gone through combat and how it affects you. How you sleep at night. It's important to read about how you put your feet in front of you as you walk down the street, but also what you're thinking when you're about to squeeze the trigger and you have someone in the crosshairs.


Also then 10, 20, 30 seconds, 10 mins, or even 3 years later how you react to that situation. That's what drives people to dig deeper and read more.   


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