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GRP 76-Who Dares Wins: The Story of SAS Assaulter Jason Falla


GRP 76-Who Dares Wins: The Story of SAS Assaulter Jason Falla

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GRP 76-We have a special guest on for this week's podcast. Former Australian SAS trooper Jason Falla who is also the owner of a tactical training company called "Redback One" came on to talk about his journey in the Australian Special Forces world. He spent the first 6 years of his career with the 1st Commando Regiment before then going to SAS selection and finishing out the remaining 6 years of his military service as an SAS an assault team member and patrol medic of a water operations troop in 1 Squadron, 1st SAS Regiment. Jason shared a deployment story with us, and we discussed his post-military career where he worked as an instructor for what was at the time known as Blackwater. He now runs a successful tactical training company which employs former Tier 1 special ops guys working in several facets. We also covered some Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC) as both Chantelle and Jason were Combat Medics respectively. Below is an excerpt from the podcast:


Jason Falla: The Australian Special Operations Task Group rolled out after 9/11 into Afghanistan. We were primarily tasked with reconnaissance and surveillance. We had a large area of responsibility.  We had an incident where one of our vehicles struck an anti-tank mine. Our patrol commander was in a bad way. It turned into a situation of being in a minefield. SGT Andy Russell lost a lot of blood. We called a MEDEVAC with American PJ's jumping in. Unfortunately, Andy died on the way to the hospital. We re-postured and made sure we dished back what we got there.


Our next major operation over there was during Operation Anaconda we were the SAS patrol up there. We got a call that a U.S. helo had been shot down. A special operations component was in a break contact situation. We had to re position ourselves and get eyes on the crash site and provided situational awareness, and interdiction of enemy forces. It was a long arduous march in full kit up to an OP. We had an American Combat Controller attached to us. He started bringing in aircraft. We had B-52's coming in fast air, we were calling in predators hot with AC-130's going Winchester. We asked for a Bomb Damage Assessment (BDA) and an American voice came back " Well, I’m following a trail of cold dead bodies"



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