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GRP 89-The Long Game-China, Russia, and unconventional warfare.


GRP 89-The Long Game-China, Russia, and unconventional warfare.

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GRP 89-Two days ago was the 16th anniversary of the September 11th terrorist attacks on the United States. I’m in close proximity of the Freedom Tower every day. The memory of those who died are alive and well within those of us who were present on that fateful day 16 years ago. We will always remember.

On for this week’s podcast is recently retired Special Forces Weapons Sergeant (18 Bravo) HP Lefler. Lef served as a Green Beret all over the planet in multiple roles. We discuss the subversion of U.S. influence around the world by the Chinese and Russian governments. We discuss what it is they're doing, why they’re doing it, and where. We touched on what’s commonly referred to nowadays as fake news, and some ways to go around it.

The expectations of the political leadership and the population of America is seemingly off when measured by the reality of what it takes to build a democracy especially in some of the nations that we’re actively attempting to do so. Countering an insurgency and engaging in guerrilla warfare in many of these places will take decades to reach a place that can be considered victorious.

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0:00-JFK Speech




4:35-September 11th and the struggle between radical Islam and the west


12:11-China, Russia and the subversion of U.S. influence around the globe


23:34-Fake News


27:00-The evolution of modern warfare and the expectations and its understanding by the American people


33:17-Leflers Army background. From the 501st Parachute Regiment, and the 82nd Airborne Division to a Special Forces Weapons Sergeant.


46:31-Unconventional Warfare and the nature of today's conflicts


1:09:35- “I come in peace, I’ve brought no artillery, and I’m begging you with tears in my eyes if you fuck with me I will kill you all”


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