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GRP 66- Bob Keller|Gun fighting|Shooting Instruction|Krupto Strategic


GRP 66- Bob Keller|Gun fighting|Shooting Instruction|Krupto Strategic

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GRP 66- On for this week's podcast is Bob Keller. Bob is a 20-year veteran of the U.S. Army Special Operations community with time served in the Ranger Regiment, Army Special Forces, and elsewhere. Bob now runs a tactical training company called Gamut Resolutions. His instruction is top of the line and instruction that is proven to work from years of experience as a warfighter. Co-hosting with me is Army combat veteran and a friend of mine Nick Betts, the owner of Krupto Strategic. Nick joined the Army in 05 so he arrived during the period where tactics and training were changing based on the experiences of our forces on the ground. Nick discusses what he's been up to and we touch on tactical shooting courses being taught by combat veterans, and non-combat veterans. Below is an excerpt.

John: You mentioned having the skills to shoot effectively, but you also need the mindset and having a good head on your shoulders to be able to perform in a gunfight situation. Can you talk about the mindset?

Bob Keller: Each person's mindset is going to be different, but what you need to keep in mind is you always have to expect it, and you have to accept it. What that means is every time you go outside, or you go into a building you should be thinking that something bad is going to happen. If you're thinking that you will accept the fact that something bad will happen to you. If you don't like that then you should probably never get into a gunfight. If you always think that way when a bad situation does happen it won't be as stressful for you.

Every situation is different. You can go to the range and train for 1000 different situations every day, and when the time comes for you to actually do something I guarantee it's not going to be any situation you’ve actually been in. It's always different. That's where it goes back to learning the basics. Getting the gun up, getting sight picture, and pulling the trigger.

Introduction audio: Seceratary of Defense James Mattis.

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Krupto Strategic, Dallas Shooter, War Stories

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Krupto Strategic, Dallas Shooter, War Stories

GRP 35-On this episode I have Nick Betts the owner of Krupto Strategic back on the show. Nick is an 8-year Army Sniper/Reconnaissance veteran with multiple deployments. We discuss the fact that the media mislabeled the Dallas shooter a sniper. We feel that the media fan’s the flames of this race issue, by not reporting honestly and giving a full picture of what’s going on. Nick shares a war story from a deployment to Ramadi, Iraq when he was working with US Navy SEALs. Below is an excerpt.


Nick Betts: Ramadi, 2006. We were working with the SEAL teams. My team was staying at this little outpost in the middle of the city called “Eagles Nest”. The SEALs called up our TOC (Tactical Operations Center), and let us know that they were running operations in our A0 (Area of Operations). The SEALs inserted at 4AM they get up on the roof, and once the sun came up because they were in this specific sector anybody with a gun was getting shot. They were pretty much up there for terrorist elimination.


As soon as the sun would come up any American, or Iraqi unit’s were getting into heavy firefights in this area. I was at the guard post, and I start hearing rapid gunfire. I call it in on the radio. I ended up rotating off the shift, and went down to the TOC. The SEALs radioed in telling us to stand by because they were getting hammered. I was in a mechanized infantry unit, so we had Bradley fighting vehicles which had 25 mic mic Bushmaster cannons on top. The SEALS called us up telling us they took severe causalities and they needed us to come exil them.



My team SGT grabbed a bunch of us up and we rolled out. The SEALs were on top of this roof in a gun fight. A terrorist came up right under the base of the roof, and threw up a hand grenade. The explosion took out a massive chunk of two SEALs. The Team guys up there applied tourniquets, and stopped the bleeding. So we drop the ramp on the Bradley. The 25 mic mic started laying down heavy fire. All of those guys jumped in, and we get back to Eagles Nest. Called in the Medevac. I was cleaning out blood from the back of the Bradley’s. My platoon SGT told me we might be going back in.


The rest of the team we extracted was out there. Their commander didn’t have his shirt on, but he had a plate carrier on. He had a through and through wound in his chest that was patched up. One of the guys asked him if he’s good, and he says “I’ll be fine”. 


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GRP 20-Army Snipers, Ramadi, Kixeye Gaming, Webinars

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GRP 20-Army Snipers, Ramadi, Kixeye Gaming, Webinars

GRP 20-On todays episode of the podcast we conducted two separate interviews. The first interview is with combat veteran and owner of Krupto Strategic Nick Betts. Nick spent 8 years in the Army as an Infantrymen, serving his first tour in Ramadi, Iraq which was one of the most contested cities of the entire campaign. Stories of combat in Ramadi have been brought to light by books like American Sniper written by Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. Betts served in Ramadi with the SEALs during his tour there, and gives us a combat story as well.


In the second interview Mike Glover has on Will Harbin the Chairman & CEO of KIXEYE, a leading developer and publisher of online games and a pioneer in free-to-play gaming. Over the last six years, Harbin has led KIXEYE to become one of the top gaming companies in North America. In addition to founding numerous other companies, he is also an avid shooter, hunter, and sportsman. Mike and Will discuss leadership, and will gives some great advice on how to build a team that will lead to success for any business.


The webinar will be held on Saturday April 9th at 4pm eastern standard time. In this webinar we will be discussing survival psychology-why people live and die, review a survival case study, discuss training methodology for filling the gap, and establish survival techniques and procedures that will increase your ability to react and survive a natural or man-made catastrophe. This block of instruction will last approx. 2-2hr-30min. Followed by 30 minutes of Q&A on survival and preparedness. The webinar will cost $79.99. Go to and under the store tab click training. There you can find the option to purchase your slot for the webinar.


Mike Glover the Co-Owner of FieldCraft Survival is a former Special Forces SGM, Sniper, and Survival Expert. He has worked as a USG Contractor for a government agency for 3 years in austere "low visibility" environments and is an expert in trade craft, field craft, survival preparedness and low visibility operations.

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