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GRP 75- The Journey Of A British Special Boat Service Operator: Jason Carl Fox

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GRP 75- The Journey Of A British Special Boat Service Operator: Jason Carl Fox

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GRP 75- Chantel Taylor and I begin this week's podcast by discussing some of the recent events taking place in the past week to include the U.S. dropping the largest nonnuclear bomb in its arsenal the MOAB, we also touched on some of the rising tensions on the Korean Peninsula and some other topics.


Our special guest for this week's podcast is former British Special Forces Operator Jason Carl Fox. "Foxy" spent 20 years as a Royal Marine with the last 10 serving as a Special Boat Service commando. Foxy and I met up here in NYC and had an in-person interview. We discussed his background and career in the Royal Marines as well as his personal struggles with PTSD, and separation from the military. He's been very active lately working on television in the U.K. as well as anchoring programs to help veterans transition and teaching mindset and team building. Below is an excerpt:



Foxy: I did multiple deployments predominately to Afghanistan. Everything from counter-narcotics to going after the big hitters on the opposite side. I was also involved in a high-profile hostage rescue operation. That was my last tour of Afghanistan and it was a defining few months for me. Within two days of the beginning of our tour, we went on this hostage rescue. The guy was a New York Times reporter. We were getting shot at in the sky while flying in for a good six minutes. You could see the Chinook behind us getting shot at. You could see air burst RPG's going off. I remember sitting there with a friend of mine and me I thought I was holding my knee and hurting it, but I was holding his and he was holding mine (laughs). We were willing the helicopter to land so we can gain some control over our destiny. We landed and ran off the back and into a crazy firefight. I was a senior guy by this time with multiple tours. I ran about 50 meters and dived into a ditch. The emotion must have been a split second. I remember thinking I wanted to be back at home. I reflected on that moment a lot. What did it mean? We were successful that night but lost a teammate.


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