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GRP 102-United and Undaunted:The Story of Paul De Gelder


GRP 102-United and Undaunted:The Story of Paul De Gelder


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GRP 102- On for this week’s podcast is Australian Navy Clearance Diver Paul De Gelder. Paul served in the Australian Army as a Paratrooper before transferring into the Navy to serve in the elite Navy Clearance Diver teams. While working on a counter-terrorism exercise in Australia Paul was attacked by a Bull shark. The shark nearly killed him ripping off his wrist and tearing through a large portion of his right leg which was eventually amputated.


Being in a really dark space Paul was struggling with a basic task and overwhelming pain as a result of his injuries. We talked about what this recovery process was like and the value of the human spirit. He was able to become an instructor at the Clearance Diver school but wasn’t allowed back into the teams. Paul now does documentary film work and television shows with Discovery. We talked about mindset and how to overcome adversity. Powerful.




7:00- Paul’s life pre-military. Australian Army Paratrooper.


11:07-East Timor. An eye-opening experience.


16:41- Australian Navy Clearance Diver


29:10-The shark attack that was nearly fatal. Paul lost his wrist and right leg after a Bullshark bit him during a counter-terrorism exercise. Recovery, phantom pains, mindset, dealing with adversity.


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