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GRP 60-Wes Kennedy, CSOR, Special Operations Selection, Fitness, Mindset


GRP 60-Wes Kennedy, CSOR, Special Operations Selection, Fitness, Mindset

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GRP 60-Episode 60 of the Global Recon Podcast I thought it would be a great way to kick off the new year by having Wes Kennedy back on the show. Wes is a former Canadian Special Operations Regiment(CSOR) operator. Wes is a combat veteran and since leaving the military has become an expert in fitness, nutrition, and mindset. Wes owns and operates a successful company whose main focus is to help people from the Five Eyes(FVEY) community pass special operations selection. FVEY consist of the Australia, Britain, Canada, New Zealand, and the United States. We often received emails and messages on social media asking for any resources that can help someone pass a selection. Well, there is no better place than the services provided by Wes and his company. Below is an excerpt from the podcast.


John: You spent your time serving first as an engineer, then special operations, and now you've left the military. When you first started your company you were focused on a few different avenues of fitness and health. Now you guys focus more on special operations selection. You have the physical aspect, but you also have the mental aspect. I know this is something you specialize in. Can we talk about that?


Wes Kennedy: What I've learned over the past several years with hundreds of guys training for various special ops selections around the world is the programming. Spent a lot of time learning how to do nutrition. It's almost the fluff of the training. It's fairly easy to deliver good individualized program design, good individualized nutrition. There are few guys that take it on and do it without question. Hit it day in and day out. What happens with most of us being the human beings that we are is eventually guys hit a crossroad. They said they're going to do something and they don't do it. I've begun to create a series of modules and training for that mindset piece to understand where they're behavioral patterns come from. The first module we cover in the mindset piece we cover is a purpose. A man without purpose is lost in the wind. Purpose to me is essentially what do I need to do before I die? and what do I need to do right now?



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