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GRP 111-SOFREP Posting Footage of Americans Killed in Combat


GRP 111-SOFREP Posting Footage of Americans Killed in Combat

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GRP 111-I’m joined for this episode by two friends of mine. Two guys who are highly respected and experienced Green Berets from 3rd Special Forces Group. Bryan Myers from Raise The Black, and Kevin Tretter from Warrior Woven. We gathered today to discuss the helmet cam footage released by ISIS showing the final moments of three Special Forces Green Berets from 3rd Special Forces group and one support member. 

SOFREP, a company comprised of former Special Operations veterans put their logo on this enemy edited propaganda video and released it saying the American public needs to see the realities of war. This is done against the wishes of the Gold Star families of the men killed on that day. I’ve communicated with Debbie Gannon the mother of Jeremiah Johnson, who’s helmet cam footage of the incident is online. She’s watched the video and allowed me to state on behalf of the family they are disgusted by the release of this video by SOFREP and want it taken down. I also read a statement made by the sister of Jeremiah Johnson regarding the video. 

Here is the link to sign a petition to have SOFREP remove the video:

Intro: 0:00

5:54-SOFREP puts their logo on ISIS propaganda footage showing Americans being ambushed and killed in combat.

12:16- My conversation with Debbie Gannon the gold star mother of Jeremiah Johnson one of the Green Berets killed during this ambush

19:17-The realities of combat. Respect for the enemies we’ve killed in combat

25:20-Statement from the gold star Johnson family

46:02-John Glenn’s gold star mother’s speech

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