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GRP 103-Everence: The Story of a Navy SEAL DEVGRU Operator


GRP 103-Everence: The Story of a Navy SEAL DEVGRU Operator

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GRP 103-On with me for this week’s podcast is Chief Warrant Officer (W-4), U.S. Navy, Boyd Renner. Renner served for 28 years in the Navy all of that time as a SEAL. He served for 23 years with the Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU). DEVGRU is the Tier 1 counter-terrorism component of the Navy. With a total of 12 combat deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq Boyd has a unique perspective. We discussed his role in Operation Red Wings 2 which was the mission to locate and recover Marcus Luttrell, as well as the SEALs that were killed on the quick reaction helicopter that got shot down attempting to provide back up to Luttrell’s team. 


We discussed leadership, tactical medicine, the burning out of Special Operations Forces, and a new product which just released from Boyd’s company called Everence. Everence is a patented technology that allows you to add DNA from a loved one directly into any new or existing tattoo.


Everence is currently being offered at a special holiday discount. You can visit their website at to take advantage of it.





4:17-Introduction into Boyd’s military career. Going through Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL (BUD/S) school.


9:24-Naval Special Warfare Development Group (DEVGRU).


11:56-Operation Red Wings 2. The search and rescue of Marcus Luttrell.


26:00-The nonstop deployments of Special Operations Forces over the last 16 years. Units getting burned out, and the care received after coming home. Tactical medicine.


35:00- 12 combat deployments to Afghanistan and Iraq. Specialty skill sets in the SEAL Teams. Leadership.


46:50- “That speeding train keeps going when you get off of it” -retired SEAL.


49:00-Endeavor life sciences. Everence. Adding DNA safely to a new or existing tattoo. A way to have family and loved ones with you long after they’re gone.


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