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GRP 17-Australian Special Forces, Executive Leadership Training, Survival Webinar


GRP 17-Australian Special Forces, Executive Leadership Training, Survival Webinar

GRP 17-We’ve been getting email’s and messages on social media asking if we can have allied Special Operations soldiers on the show. On todays episode we have Australian Special Forces veteran Mitchell McCalister on discussing some of the structure, and mission set that the Australian commandos are responsible for including counter terrorism, and various other security type operations.


Webinar update: Cut off date to opt in is Wednesday march 30th, the final pay day is Friday April 1st. The Webinar will be hosted April 2nd during afternoon hours’ eastern standard time. Send an email to to opt in.


Mike talks about his leadership/team building seminar with KIXEYE a mobile gaming company that operates out of San Francisco and abroad, and is the creator of Vega Conflict on the iTunes App store. He highlights the next episode where he will interview the CEO of KIXEYE Will Harbin and get a glimpse of his leadership methodology in leading a gaming company using irregular warfare in training, planning and execution.


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