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GRP 96- The Commando: The life and death of Cameron Baird.


GRP 96- The Commando: The life and death of Cameron Baird.

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GRP 96-Corporal Cameron Baird is one of Australia’s most highly decorated warriors. He was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross for his actions in leading a team of Australian Commando’s assaulting an enemy strong hold on June 22, 2013 in Afghanistan.  Author Ben Mckelvey just published the book “The Commando: The life and death of Cameron Baird”.


I have Ben on for this podcast alongside former Australian Special Forces operator Eddie Robinson. Cam and Eddie were best friends having grown up in Special Forces together. We talked about the process of writing the book, and Ben sitting down with Cameron’s wonderful parents Doug, and Kaye Baird. Ben and Eddie shared some details from the book and it really gives some insight into a man like Cam who not only was a remarkable warrior, but was also a deep thinker with interest in philosophy and history.


Eddie shares a story of a time when they were on patrol in Afghanistan and the children of this particular village were running alongside the vehicle’s probably hoping to get some candy or water. They had nothing left to give them so Eddie decided to hand them bottles of hot sauce. Cam proceeds to tell Eddie this will likely get them into a fight. A few minutes later they got ambushed. LOL  


0:00-Episode overview


6:58-History and insight into the Victoria Cross


31:06-Shaping the book “The Commando”. Utilizing the 2nd Commando Regiment in Afghanistan.


35:00-Eddie Robinson’s background in Special Forces and how he met Cam. Ben Mckelvey’s background.


1:08-A story of a time when Cam and Eddie were on patrol in Afghanistan eventually getting ambushed because Eddie gave out hot sauce to kids in the village LOL


1:27:00-” If there’s anyway he could have gone out this is how he would of went. With a hot weapon in his hand”- Eddie Robinson  


You can get a copy of the book here

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