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GRP 106-One Time Every Time: The Trials and Tribulations of a Navy SEAL at War


GRP 106-One Time Every Time: The Trials and Tribulations of a Navy SEAL at War

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GRP 106-Chantel Taylor is back on the podcast co-hosting for this episode. We have a special guest on with us “Turbo” who is a retired Navy SEAL. Turbo served as a SEAL for a number of years. After 9/11 he became the second amputee of the war. He couldn’t give details but he was wounded upon insertion into an area attempting to rescue Americans. He was rescued after 18 hours in -20-degree weather on a 10,000-foot mountaintop.


His leg was amputated below the knee. After 9 months of rehabilitation, he rejoined his team and deployed into combat. We talked about his experiences going through BUDs (Basic Underwater Demolitions/SEAL) training. We touched on the mental and physical aspects of overcoming a difficult situation. After retiring from the Navy Turbo has done a number of events and competitions in honor of wounded and fallen warfighters all over the country.


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0:00-Intro. Navy SEAL Kevin Lacz talking about his good friend Marc Lee who was KIA in Iraq running combat operations.


3:10-The beginning of Turbo’s Navy career



6:00- “One Time Every Time” Becoming a Navy SEAL.


20:31- “Wounded by machine gun fire upon insertion. 18 hours later, -20 degrees, 10,000-foot mountaintop.”




42:50-Honoring the fallen, Prosthetics, The Invictus Games


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