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GRP 99-Jason Hall: Screen Writer for "American Sniper" Director for "Thank You For Your Service"


GRP 99-Jason Hall: Screen Writer for "American Sniper" Director for "Thank You For Your Service"


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GRP 99-Our guest for this weeks episode is Jason Hall. Jason wrote the screen play for "American Sniper" and is the director for "Thank You For Your Service". His latest film is based on the book of the same title written by David Finkel. It's centered around Adam Schumann a U.S. Army Combat veteran and some of the final moments of this last deployment into Iraq with a focus on his return home. This movie highlights the struggle that some combat veterans face upon returning from war not only with the physical and mental damage , but in getting help from Veterans Affairs.

Jason shared a funny story about how he met Navy SEAL Sniper Chris Kyle. We talked about what it was like working behind the scenes for this film, and some of the issues that are faced by combat veterans. Enjoy. 

0:00-Episode overview

3:06-Jason Hall's career in Hollywood

5:47-How Jason met Navy SEAL Sniper Chris Kyle

17:57-Entering the window of a human brain that has undergone traumatic brain injury but doing so on a massive scale. Helping turn the corner on these issues. 

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GRP 20-Army Snipers, Ramadi, Kixeye Gaming, Webinars

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GRP 20-Army Snipers, Ramadi, Kixeye Gaming, Webinars

GRP 20-On todays episode of the podcast we conducted two separate interviews. The first interview is with combat veteran and owner of Krupto Strategic Nick Betts. Nick spent 8 years in the Army as an Infantrymen, serving his first tour in Ramadi, Iraq which was one of the most contested cities of the entire campaign. Stories of combat in Ramadi have been brought to light by books like American Sniper written by Navy SEAL Chris Kyle. Betts served in Ramadi with the SEALs during his tour there, and gives us a combat story as well.


In the second interview Mike Glover has on Will Harbin the Chairman & CEO of KIXEYE, a leading developer and publisher of online games and a pioneer in free-to-play gaming. Over the last six years, Harbin has led KIXEYE to become one of the top gaming companies in North America. In addition to founding numerous other companies, he is also an avid shooter, hunter, and sportsman. Mike and Will discuss leadership, and will gives some great advice on how to build a team that will lead to success for any business.


The webinar will be held on Saturday April 9th at 4pm eastern standard time. In this webinar we will be discussing survival psychology-why people live and die, review a survival case study, discuss training methodology for filling the gap, and establish survival techniques and procedures that will increase your ability to react and survive a natural or man-made catastrophe. This block of instruction will last approx. 2-2hr-30min. Followed by 30 minutes of Q&A on survival and preparedness. The webinar will cost $79.99. Go to and under the store tab click training. There you can find the option to purchase your slot for the webinar.


Mike Glover the Co-Owner of FieldCraft Survival is a former Special Forces SGM, Sniper, and Survival Expert. He has worked as a USG Contractor for a government agency for 3 years in austere "low visibility" environments and is an expert in trade craft, field craft, survival preparedness and low visibility operations.

 Send an email to if you have any questions or suggestions.


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