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Memorial Day, Army Rangers, Army EOD, AF Combat Search and Rescue


Memorial Day, Army Rangers, Army EOD, AF Combat Search and Rescue

GRP 28- Today’s episode is a special Memorial Day tribute to our fallen countrymen from all wars past till present. There will be multiple post highlighting this episode, this is an excerpt from former Army Ranger John Lovell.

Memorial Day, Army Rangers, Army EOD, AF Combat Search and Rescue


John Hendricks: What do you think about when you think of Memorial Day?


John Lovell: Today I’m thinking about Pat Tillman. Tillman was somebody I served with in 2nd Ranger Battalion. I didn’t know em well. Aside from just seeing him around I didn’t have much interaction with him. The reason I’m thinking of Pat Tillman today is because of the feelings his story represents to me now. I honor Pat as a patriot and a hero.


I think of those who were with him on the battlefield. Often times I think of whoever it was who killed him accidently by friendly fire. It’s a weird place that my heart goes to on memorial day, I think about how I would feel if I accidently killed my brother. I would rather prefer that I died instead. Friendly fire is a reality of war. I know how many veterans walk around wounded by the thought of that they failed their brothers. If only they’d fought a little harder, or fought a little better they could have saved their brothers.


There’s a lot of Vietnam vets, GWOT vets, that really wished that they had died instead, and their dying a little bit inside everyday because of it. Those that carry around a horrible burden I don’t judge these guys. I wanted any soldiers out there that are possibly carrying around shame, to those who feel they somehow let their brothers down. I cannot know this for sure, but I feel like if one of my brothers was responsible for my death on the battlefield I’d have forgiveness for them.


I’d say its part of war man, you did your best, there’s nothing more you could have done. Let go of your shame and live, live for me, or in you I’d die twice. On memorial day I don’t just think of the veterans who died, I think of the veterans who are limping through life still. My message is one for them. 


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