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Israeli Special Operators, Agilite Tactical, Terror in Orlando


Israeli Special Operators, Agilite Tactical, Terror in Orlando

GRP 31- On this episode myself, and Major Rusty Bradley (ret) discuss the attack in Orlando, as well as some solutions for dealing with this threat of Global Terrorism. On the show for the first time are my friends from Agilite Tactical a company comprised of former Israeli commando’s who create innovative new gear used by the IDF, and Special Op’s units around the globe. Special Coupon Code for Global Recon followers: GlobalRecon10  


This gets followers 10% off their whole purchase through June 21st. So be sure to check out and use the coupon GlobalRecon10 for a 10 percent discount off your entire purchase. Below is an excerpt from the episode.


John Hendricks: Obviously the history of Israel and Palestine, and the larger Arab world has been a huge topic the last 70 years or so. I just finished reading the “Six Day War”. What I found interesting was there was a great amount of Arab propaganda coming from the middle eastern governments. They were losing the war with Israel, and telling their citizens they were winning.


Propaganda to me that was done to a crazy level. It almost seems like not much has changed when it comes to the disinformation that’s propagated by middle eastern governments. The second and third effects of that leads to Arab citizens being mis informed, and these kinds of things lead to random attacks.



Elie Isaacson: Israel was mourning the death of four random civilians who’d gone out for dinner in a restaurant. They were killed by two Arab terrorists randomly. In Gaza there were street parties. They were handing out sweets to children, and lighting fireworks in celebration of this absolutely horrible cowardly attack.


Last week they showed a clip of a school play somewhere in Gaza. It was a Hama’s school. It literally shows these 7 year olds in an annual school play. The play shows these children dressed up as Hamas terrorist, and they were demonstrating how they kidnap Israeli soldiers, and kill them. In the end the head of the school walks in sort of brimming with pride, as these kids performed this amazing school show.


The entire crowd was clapping and applauding. This is the level of indoctrination and hatred that goes in within the Palestinian cities since their kids.  Forget the fact that Israel is the only democracy in the middle east, and it’s a country with civil rights and laws. When you grow up hearing that the truth has no consequences at all. So when these children become adults they have no problems stabbing random citizens in the middle east. 


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